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We focus on value for money, being easy to deal with and honest. That’s not too much to ask for, but we know it can be hard to find for PPI claims.

Value for money

  • We keep costs low so that fees are competitive.
  • No TV ads, cold-calling or spam and we’re not a big firm with high overheads.
  • We don’t hide fees in small print like some companies. 

Easy to deal with

  • A simple process and taking as much of the work off your plate as possible.
  • Clear and simple forms which are quick to use – fast and easy.
  • Nothing to pay up front (not even the postage)
  • A lot of free information on our website to help you understand PPI and how to claim – even if you want to do the claim yourself.


  • Mis-selling of PPI was/is a scandal.
  • Some claims management companies have created a second scandal by their poor practices.
  • You may see claims that they can fast track your claim, get you a bigger payout or know stuff about you and your dealings with banks (like which ones you have PPI with) – all nonsense.
  • We hope you’ll find the information on our site helpful and honest.

We’re a customer-focused family business and we rely heavily on happy customers recommending us to their friends and families. In fact we do no paid advertising and none of that annoying cold-calling or spam texting. Doing a great job for every customer is important because that’s where the next customer comes from.